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Collecting is by far the most popular hobby, with literally millions of people collect something.

Of course that "something" varies widely - from airplanes to stamps - and beyond.

Also, collectors love to buy, sell, trade or just exhibit their collection.

Gerribert Software is proud to introduce Gerribert's Collection Studio,
a program that is arguably the finest collector software on the market.

It enables any collector to fully document their collection. Buy, sell, or trade with like minded,

or just "show off" their collection, in a very attractive program, or a commented slide show.
It also makes it possible to print a number of reports, keep track of contacts,
appointments or passwords.

The appearance of Gerribert's Collection Studio can be completely customized

and, one of the Collectors may be customized to organize practically any collection.
Of course there are many supporting forms.

Gerribert's Collection Studio is only for users who are proud of their collection,
and want to document it well. Users who wish to show generic pictures or items -
pictures that show what they wished they had - should not use this program!

Download Gerribert's Collection Studio from this Web Site NOW , and try it free for 21 days
after that you will have to register it - using the Buy Now Button, or paying by cheque.

Gerribert's Collection Studio contains the following Collector's Databases:

 The Antiques Collector The Art Collector The Book Collector
The Gem Collector The Stamp Collector The Carnival Glass Collector
The Ceramics Collector  The Coin Collector The Currency (Bank Note) Collector
The Map Collector  My Family My .... Collector (Customizable)
The Photo Album The Software Collector The Media Collector (Videos, CD's, DVD's etc)
My Contacts  My Passwords My Appointments & Notes

You can also keep track of your accounts and insurance, or show off your collection in a commented slide show.
Of course, variously organized reports of your collection are also available.

For a closer look, click the  Gallery button !

We claim to supply the best and most attractive Collectors Software on the market. If you think we are wrong, tell us, and we will improve it.
Suggestions to improve the Software will always be welcome.



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